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Bancorp BDC
Bancorp Bureau de Change (BDC) Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria on 31st July 2008 to carry on the business of buying, selling and dealing in foreign currencies (convertible currencies) and to act as travel tourism planners, agents and consultants.

Its main objective amongst others is to provide blazingly fast, reliable and affordable foreign exchange services to the Nigerian populace. The aim of the company is to join the expanding environment for the private participation in the foreign exchange market.

The company with its available resources and wealth of experience of the management team in banking operations, no doubt provide the prospective customers with fast, efficient, reliable and affordable Value-Added Services.

Essentially, Bancorp BDC engages in the sale of foreign exchange to the end users as stipulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria for the under-mentioned purposes:

Our services include the following:
1. Business Travel Allowance (BTA)
2. Personal Travel Allowance (PTA)
3. Payment of school Fees
4. Mortgage Bill Payment
5. Payment of Utility Bills
6. Payment of Medical Bills
7. Credit Card Payment
8. Life Insurance Premium Payment Etc.

Please reach us on 234 809 801 0053
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