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A short term loan is typically made by banks and finance institutions under their line of credit management. The short term loans are usually payable either on demand (a demand loan) or at some specific maturity (dated loans). Short term loans granted by CBP are usually dated loans payable at some specific maturity date.

Corporate Entities
1. Application Letter
2. Copy of certificate of incorporation of the company- original for sighting
3. Copy of memo & articles of association - original for sighting
4. Company profile
5. Audited accounts for the last three years
6. Bank statements for the last six months
7. Projected cash flow for the next twelve months
8. Name of a Guarantor
9. Passport size photograph of the Guarantor
10. ID card (international passport, drivers licence or national id card) of the Guarantor
11. A copy of utility bill ( PHCN, Water bills)

1. Application letter
2. Employment letter & last promotion letter
3. Bank statement for the last six months
4. Payslip for the last three months
5. Name of a Guarantor
6. Passport size photograph of Guarantor and that of the Applicant
7. ID card (international passport, drivers licence or national ID card) of the applicant and the Guarantor

We accept shares as collateral for loan.

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